Christmas Offering: the Graners and the Salvation Army

Our Christmas offering again will be supportive of our missionaries, Gordon and Ardell Graner, and the Salvation Army.

The Graners who represent us in the Dominican Republic (west across the mountains from Haiti) will receive the first $1,300 of our offering to complete our pledge of $2,500.  Ardell ‘s project is working with leaders of the Dominican Evangelical Church (EDC) to write, edit and print Bible lessons for the Sunday Schools and Extra Bible School outreach beyond the church walls.  These lessons provide spiritual and moral guidance out of the Scriptures to help the children and youth provide the foundation upon which they can grow in their life relationships.

Gordon  has been most recently involved in a solar oven project for home cooking,  in water purification efforts and in bringing volunteer medical teams (teams came recently from Pierre, SD) to improve the lives of people.  This kind of needs are in both rural and urban areas.  He works with the leadership of the EDC.  [Note:  “Evangelical” is the term used in Central and South America for “Protestant.”]

Much of the above material came from a recent letter from the Graners.   A daughter was recently married in Germany.  Gordon illustrated the poverty of the country in a story.  He caught a ride in a taxi which looked more appropriate for a demolition derby.  The driver took a detour and stopped by a food vendor (grocery store in a cart).  He took a bag from under the seat and poured the contents of rice beans into the vendor’s bag.  He explained that the foodwas brought from his wife and that the vendor was hungry.

The Salvation Army will receive the balance of the Christmas offering.  The Salvation Army is many things.   It is a contact point for help for persons in need.  It is a meal for the homeless five times a week.  It provides temporary housing (up to 30 days) for families and others, and encourages people to employment and permanent housing. It is an activity center and playground for the homeless children living there.   It is as community food shelf.  It is collection point and distributor of emergency (think winter) clothing and children’s gifts for Christmas.  It is a religious and spiritual center for numerous persons in poverty.  And we with help of others make this possible.