October Communion Offering:  The Graners - our Missionary Partners

Our Communion offering for October will be to support the work of Gordon and Ardell Graner in the Dominican Republic.  They are assigned to be supportive of several congregations of different denominations, including Methodists, of the Igesia Evangelica Dominicana (Dominican Evangelical Church).  This offering is one of several we take annually for our $2,500 commitment to the Graners.  We will have the privilege of meeting and hearing from the Graners on Sunday, Octobert 1.  Don’t miss it!

We asked the Graners some questions to understand their ministry: How do you help congregations when 100 to 400 children show up for VBS?  Ardell gives leadership to pastors and teachers to write the curriculum.  This is done also S.S. and children’s street meetings.  How do you help people grow spiritually?  They write devotions, again with the people, for family use.   How do you additionally involve American Christians in this work?  The Graners give leadership to short term mission projects which have included meeting medical needs, painting church walls, sewing banners with the ladies to decorate their churches with reminders of their faith in Jesus Christ.  How do you help congregations better the lives of their communities?  It might be the introduction of solar ovens or water houses on local church properties to provide water purification at a reduced price.   How do you help pastors and people work to reach others for Jesus Christ?  You assist in training leaders and assessing the needs of people.  And the practical stuff?  It might be paying the electric company on times so the power isn’t shut off immediately. How do we help?  Contributing to this offering!