August Communion Offering

Our gifts will provide Cleaning Kits for use in storm and water disasters and will go immediately to places of need through UMCOR.  The United Methodist Commission on Relief (UMCOR) stock piles these kits (often called Flood Buckets) for use when disaster strikes.  These disasters are not just financial for they challenge people both with stress and major physical work as they clean out basements and rooms of their homes.

The Vacation Bible School offerings from the children will also go toward the purchase and provision of these Cleaning Kits.  Their theme this year is “Water”, which causes disasters but is also used for cleaning up with soaps, brushes, etc.

The contents of a Cleaning Kit is displayed in the church entry way.  Every $78 given will provide for a kit and its distribution.  Specific items are assembled in a 5 gallon pail include soaps, brush, cleaning wipes, insect spray, scouring pads, clothes line and pins,  gloves, air fresheners, respirator masks, trash bags and non-cellulose sponge.  Funds will be sent to UMCOR to avoid shipping cost from here to their depots.  A complete listing of Cleaning Kit items are on display.