June Communion Offering

How does our $2,500 help to support the work of Gordon and Ardell Graner?  The Graners are in the Dominican Republic enthusiastically working with congregations and pastors of the Dominican Evangelical Church with roots in Methodist, Moravian and Presbyterian traditions. 

The Graners have a hand in the following:

· Spiritual growth nurtured by means of developing devotional materials.

· Growing in faith with the development of Sunday School curriculum.

· Water purification systems installed.

· Extra health care initiatives provided with the assistance of Mission Work Teams.

· Helping congregations provide gathering places with the assistance of Mission Work Teams.

· Helping-groups for girls and young women as they develop into maturity.

· Children and youth outreach programs.

· Solar Ovens for food preparation (not as fast as your oven) replacing costly fuel with the help of    visiting Mission Work Teams.

FUMC will bring a Mission Work Team to the Dominican Republic in 2019.

Our offering will join us with the Graner’s  in bringing the Gospel to the people of the Dominican Republic.