July Communion Offering: Habitat for Humanity

A place to live.  An investment.  To say “We want you” and “You belong.” Habitat For Humanity mobilizes us in the local community to assist persons in need of homes.  Yes, we contribute to help defer the cost of building materials, as with this offering. Yes, we join in an effort to work on building the home.  Teams of volunteers mobilize to help inbuilding quality homes, phase by phase under experienced persons in the building trade.  This is our sweat equity to make the home affordable.  Yes, the home owners-to-be have their own sweat equityinvestment in the home.  And a final yes, the new home owners-be engages in learning about home ownership, management and maintenance.

The St. Cloud area has a history of supporting Habitat For Humanity with contributions and persons who join in some part of the “Build” projects.  Our FUMC people have done these “Builds” through the years.  We will do it again.    Thanks for your contribution.  Are you ready to roll up your sleeves for a Build for Unity in August?  Contact Brady Hickcox.