Easter & April Communion Offering

Promise Neighborhood (PN) and United Methodist Committee on Relief (UMCOR) will be the focus of both the Easter and Communion offerings.  PN is a local outreach project and has had our long term support.  UMCOR is national and international outreach through which we have assisted with particular disasters as well as smaller less public disasters.

Promise Neighborhood for children and youth includes a math club and computer training, arts and library, fun nights and a summer camp.  It involves parents helping their kids achieve in school and their own special events.  It helps resource emergency family needs.  It seeks to create community for low-income families including many African-Americans from across the area. It involves volunteers from across the community, including our congregation.  Promise Neighborhood is a community center located in the area of Talahi and Lincoln Elementary schools.  It is in a strategic location adjacent to a city park with a playground and game fields.

UMCOR, our United Methodist relief program, is geared up for disaster response both nationally and abroad.  Besides stock piling common disaster need for food and shelter, it maintains staff for immediate outreach and provides training and support for churches and community leaders.  It works with the relief efforts of other nonprofits, churches and governments to meet the needs of people whose lives are disarray because multiple disasters including flood, hurricane, famine, war and earthquakes. It works to develop both immediate and long term solutions to crisis.  It helps with refugees on the move and in camps.  Personnel and resources are being allocated for present and future efforts whether they are in our headlines or not.  All funding goes into outreach efforts.