February Communion Offering

This month our congregation gives special support to our United Methodist Black College Fund and Africa University.

The Black College Fund gives special support to the eleven Black Colleges established in the Reconstruction period after the Civil War across our American South.  These colleges and universities often began to advance basic and vocational education among former slaves.   They still provide unique educational experiences of services in a time of desegregation.  Their students go on to serve their communities in a wide diversity of fields from education to business, from industry to medicine.  This Fund assists these colleges to advance their programs in financing building construction and renovation, library support, faculty development and student counseling .

Africa University, located in Zimbabwe, serves students from 31 of the 55 countries in Africa. It was founded by the United Methodist Church.   Students go home to their communities and countries to serve in diverse fields.  The study offerings include education, agriculture and agribusiness, theology and church ministry, and health.  Supporting partners include Methodist Churches in Germany, Norway, and South Korea.  UNICEF is helping to provide graduate level training in Civil Rights and Childhood Studies.  There is civil strife in Africa, including the host country, which makes it all the more important to provide support for students who can make a peaceful difference in their countries.


Thanks have come from the pastor in Malow, South Sudan for funds received to provide for a well rehabilitation in Malow, South Sudan at the United Methodist Church which has been completed!.  The church and community now have clean water rather than river water for their use. The congregation was able to host the special annual Christmas celebration, which involved a large area gathering, made possible by the availability of water. This congregation is the home church of James Khat of our community. Malow, South Sudan is next to the border with Ethiopia. The $4,082 ($82 for fund transfer) sent for the project came from the November Communion offering.