January Communion Offering

Mission Scholarships are available to those going into the mission enterprise of the United Methodist Church under the auspice of the World Communion Fund.  50% of offerings go to help overseas students for graduate studies, and 50% to ethnic minorities in the U.S. for undergraduate work.  Besides an emphasis of being grounded in faith, preparation includes a wide range of needs to minister to the human condition.  These would include education methods, medical technology, social work, community organizing, and even marriage and family therapy.  In the last five years 1,384 scholarships have gone to students in 37 countries plus the U.S.

Emma Norton Services in St. Paul, MN originally begun by the women’s mission outreach (now UMW) focuses on ministering focuses on the special needs of women and families at several locations.

Emma Norton Residence provides 24 hour support for 50 women who are homeless and living with mental illness and/or chemical dependency.  The staff works with them to develop plans for becoming healthy and living independently.  Emma’s Place has 13 townhomes that are affordable, permanent supportive housing for single-parent families with three or more children.  These families have experienced homelessness with one or more member living with mental illness and/or chemical dependency.   Children and youth are supported as they move through schooling with tutoring and extracurricular activities.   Scattered-Site Housing assists persons in need to navigate the private housing market and receive supportive case services as they grow increasingly able and independent.    Emma Norton is a certified provider of services for the SOAR program which helps persons with physical disabilities or mental health or substance disorder to live independently.  Families leaving homelessness are given the help they needed.