Giving to Make a Difference

Giving our money is living out our faith. It is a spiritual discipline that connects us with God and with our world. Once a year we invite people to fill out an Estimate of Giving card-- a commitment to give a certain amount of your income throughout the year— when you fill that out, you empower the church to keep on doing amazing things. This is an opportunity for you to grow by making a gift that will have a wider impact on the community. It is an invitation to discover the joy of giving in response to all that you have received.

Every one of us has something to offer this world, but it is when we bring those gifts together that we can truly make a difference.

Consecration Sunday Results

A total of 104 giving units completed Estimate of Giving Cards on September 30, with 13 of these giving units made a commitment for the first time, and 35 of these increasing their financial commitment above their last year’s amount.

If you have not yet turned in your Estimate of Giving Cards, please do so ASAP.  You can return it in the self-stamped envelope, click the link below, or grab one from the ConneXion Point and put it in the offering plate.

  • A total of 104 giving units have a pledged total of $311,710.

  • Based on last year’s giving records, $219,437 can be expected in 2019 from persons who have not yet turned in an Estimate of Giving Card.

  • Based on the average total of non-pledged offering during the past 3 years, we can expect to receive $52,000 during 2019 from that source.

  • Based on the average total of loose offerings during the past 3 years, we can expect to receive $5,600 during 2019 from that source.

  • Church income from non-donor sources such as interest, rentals and fees is expected to be $9,000.

  • This gives us a grand total of $597,747 in anticipated income for 2019.

  • Total income of the general budget during the last twelve months was $529,528.

  • Next year, our income can be expected to increase by $68,218.

  • This is a 12.88% increase in total giving predicted.

When you give to First UMC, your money goes to support the mission and ministry of the church. There are five options you can give:

1. You can make a One-Time Gift.                       

2. You can make an Estimate of Giving for 2019 to the Operating Budget.

3. You can give to the Capital Campaign.

4. You can give a Memorial Gift in honor or memory of someone.

5.  Electronic Funds Transfer - using a checking or savings account to recur automatically.

Please contact Julie Daniels, Financial Administrator, if you have questions!

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