September 8 and October 6,
Saturday Outdoor Workdays, 9 am to noon

Fall will soon be here, quickly followed by freezing temperatures and snow. We need to ready our beds and plantings for winter. Besides fall tasks of weeding, trimming, mulching, protecting young white pine from deer, and tree wrapping, an important task for both September and October workdays will be removing invasive species on our property. We have identified 5 species to remove--oriental bittersweet, Siberian elm, box elder, poplar, prickly ash and, of course, buck thorn. Removing invasives will allow our plantings of high bush cranberries and white pine, as well as other native species on our property to continue their growth and expansion. As native plants expand, there will be more butterflies, dragonflies, and birds for us to enjoy next spring and summer. We welcome all help, including families. We work and have a good time. Be sure to wear sturdy shoes, long pants, and bring work gloves.

Questions? Contact Paula Tompkins


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