Rock Cairns Mark our Prairie Paths

As you drive up to the church or look out of the south Library window, you may notice large piles of rocks called cairns. Our church has received a gift of 67 landscape rocks that we have used to mark the beginning of the walking paths in our prairie. At scenic points on our paths, we also have placed large flat rocks to use as benches, so walkers can pause to take in the vista, pray, or meditate. With our unseasonably warm weather, you may have a chance to walk one of the prairie paths before the snow flies, or wait until next spring to walk our prairie and see it emerging from winter's sleep. What a blessing to witness the beauty of God's creation in the land around us.

 The Land Stewardship Committee extends special thanks to Jill Haak and Mike Helgeson for making this project happen.

FUMC Walking Trails: