Spiritual Retreats

What: A Retreat focusing upon our spiritual life and growth. It will include periods of silence, instruction (usually some teaching on mystical Christianity, a mystic, poet, perennial Wisdom, or spiritual practice such as meditation), discussion, work, meditation, free-time and rest. We also take advantage of the Abby’s proximity and have the option of Morning Prayer with the monks. A special treat is the "sits" or prayer time in the Oratory.

Teaching/Theme: The topics of our retreats deal with the inner spiritual life and practices. Topics covered in past retreats include: The Enneagram, Meister Eckhart, The Cloud of Unknowing, The Psalms, The Sermon on the Mount, St. John of the Cross, Knosis, Perennial Wisdom, Mystical Christianity, etc. This year, our retreat will be "The Theory and Praxis of Spiritual Disicplines."

Location: The Episcopal House of Prayer, Collegeville, is a wonderful setting perfectly suited for spiritual retreats. The award winning architecture shapes the experience and provides gracious hospitality for silence, rest, discussions with others, food preparation, and visits to St. John’s. The Oratory is the heart of the retreat experience and provides a quiet space used only for prayer. To learn more about the House of Prayer and Ward Bauman, check out their website: http://ehouseofprayer.wordpress.com/ For a virtual tour, click here.

Dates:  TBD

Cost:  Approximately $150-175 each, plus willingness to provide some food.

Typical Schedule:

4-5:30pm Arrival, settling into room and space, connect with others
6pm Supper
7pm Wisdom Session (Great Room)
9:30 Evening Prayer (Oratory)
The Great Silence (kept until after Morning Prayer, Monday)

7am Morning Prayer (Abbey)
8am Breakfast
9am Wisdom Session (Great Room) with breaks
12pm Lunch
1pm Wisdom Session
3-6pm Free time to explore, nap, read, journal, hike, book store
6pm Supper
7pm Wisdom Session
9pm Evening Prayer (Oratory)

7am Morning Prayer (Abbey)
8am Breakfast
9am Wisdom Session (Great Room)
11am Meditation
12pm Lunch
1pm Closing