What to Expect if You're New

We know that it's difficult to visit a new church— we’ve all been there before! So please let us know what will be helpful to you. If you’d like to come visit the church before you come on Sunday morning, Pastor Leah will be glad to show you around. If you have questions while you are here, our congregation members are trained to be of service! If you have questions once you get home, there are many ways to connect with the Pastors and Staff to make sure you find out what you need. We want people to find a place where they can engage in sharing God’s love with the world so that we can build community together based on that love. 

It is our goal for every person who enters our doors to have the best possible experience, so here are some things you may want to know!

  1. We moved! Need directions? One of the reasons we moved from downtown St. Cloud was to make sure everyone would have a place to park! There is a new parking lot with sidewalks leading to the front door and there are plans one day to have a XXXX so you can make your spouse drop you off at the door when it’s raining!
  2. Once you enter the main door, you will see the Sanctuary ahead of you, the Library to your left, and the Nursery, restrooms, and Social Hall to your right. Most people gather in that gathering space before worship, where there is some art on the walls, information about the church, and people to greet you. The Nursery is available from 9am until Noon. Jodi and Stacey make up our paid Nursery Staff, as well as some volunteers, and are well qualified, friendly, and wonderful with all children. They do not babysit— they create a quality experience for all children! 
  3. Our worship service uses both traditional means of communication (a bulletin) as well as more modern (screens) so you are welcome to participate in the ways that are most comfortable for you. We also have hearing devices and large print bulletins/hymnals for your convenience.
  4. After worship there is a Social Hour in the Social Hall with snacks, coffee, and lemonade. We invite you to be our guest— whether you just grab a cookie to go or stay and talk to others. Our mission is to build community, and we find that one of the best ways to do that is with food!