Usher-Greeter-ConneXion Point Schedule

Please contact Jan Fruth if you have questions or concerns about the schedule.

August 6—Holy Communion
     Ushers: Chris & Docia Hogan, Larry & Gail Kuzel
     Greeters: Roger & Judy Diesen
     ConneXion Point: Michelle Hedgren

     Ushers: Jim & Arlene Towler, Chuck Kelly, Julia Holscher
     Greeters: Mari Korcha, Monica Peterson    
     ConneXion Point: Julie Lindquist

August 20
     Ushers: Dale & Cathy Danzl, Mike & Karel Helgeson
     Greeters: Marcia Summers, Kelly Wischmann    
     ConneXion Point: Jan Fruth

August 27—Outdoor Worship
     Ushers: Jill & Bob Haak, Tami DeLand, Jim Hovda
     Greeters: Nancy & Mert Hubbard    
     ConneXion Point: Sandra Williams