Usher-Greeter-Guest Ambassador Schedule

Please contact Jan Fruth if you have questions or concerns about the schedule.

September 30 - CONSECRATION
Guest Ambassador: Monica Peterson
Ushers: LuBell Kendall, Tyson Zitzow, Nancy & Mert Hubbard
Greeters: Joan Ellens, Lois Fisher

October 7 - Communion
Guest Ambassador: Nancy Hubbard
Usher: Mitchell Fruth, Ken Fruth, Ken & Judy Dunlop
Greeters: Jan Fruth, Judy Borgerding

October 14
Guest Ambassador: Rhoda Paurus
Usher: Jerusha Morris, Donna Acheson, Jim Hovda, Monica Peterson
Greeters: Bill & Linda Meier

October 21
Guest Ambassador: Betty Schlangen
Usher: Gail & Larry Kuzel, Bob & Lou Hanson
Greeters: LuBell Kendall, Joan Ellens

October 28
Guest Ambassador: Docia Hogan
Usher: Dan Michaels & Micki Blenkush, Lily, Cathy & Dale Danzl
Greeters: Sy & Betty Schlangen