Contemplative Prayer - returns September 13th

Wednesday Evenings 6:30pm (30 Minutes)

This service on the first Wednesday each month offers a chance "to slow down enough for God to catch up with us." The format is straightforward: We begin with the chiming of the gong, allowing each ring to draw us deeper into the Holy. Then we offer a prayer, a few simple hymns, and a couple of readings interspersed with silence. A period of extended silence (about 10 minutes) is held together, followed by communion and a blessing. The style of worship could be described as a mixture of Taizé (based upon simple prayer chants which are repeated), Celtic (seeking to blur the lines between the sacred and ordinary), and Quaker (sitting in extended silence with others). The values of this service: hospitality, simplicity, silence, low-technology, participation, ritual, art, and creativity. Fellowship time follows this service. Everyone is always welcome!