FUMC Youth Ministry is designed to welcome 7-12th grade students and support them on their faith journey.  We have students from many different area schools (as many as eight high schools!) and although we kick off our program year in the fall, the flexibility of our programs allows youth to join us at any time throughout the year.  

- Youth Ministry Participation Form - 

Our Youth Ministry focuses on Relationships... with one another and with God.  Our youth, and the adults who companion them, develop safe and trusting friendships, which allow us to experience God's love in our midst.  We check in each time we are together and share how we are hungry for God's love and care AND how God's grace nourishes us. With a renewed sense of how God is at work in our lives, we become more convinced of God's love and can share that life-giving energy with others.  We talk about our faith, our doubts, and our questions, and we seek ways to create more heaven, for more people, here on earth.  This summer we are went to the BWCA!

On Sunday mornings, 7-9th grade students are welcomed to the Youth Room and "The Conversation" by a team of two adults.  The group makes its way to the sanctuary in time for the sermon, and then they return to the Youth Room to talk about the sermon and service.  (They conclude their time with donuts!)

Evening Programming

On Wednesday evenings, 7-12th grade students make their way to the Youth Room for their program, "The Table," which meets from 6:00-7:30 pm. 

Anyone wanting to find out more about our programs or how they might become involved should contact AnnElise Bergstrom at aebergstrom@fumcscr.org or 320.260.7979.

From a current Table member:

The youth group is a wonderful and safe environment and is really fun! 
On the Mission trip to Idaho, I learned about many ways you see God in the world and how just one person can make a difference.


Some examples of how members of The Table completed this sentence:
When I say I am a Christian, I mean...

I believe in God!  And Jesus Christ!  And every Sunday I have a place that I can go.

I believe in acceptance, caring for others, helping out.  I have faith in what I believe in.  I am in a loving community with kind people.

I am faithful in my own beautifully unique way, and I share my faith with others through the church.

I worship God and I’m proud, happy and thankful to be a Christian.  I like to serve and help those in need, I am kind, trusting and loyal.  And I’m open to whatever you are- gay, straight, Buddhist, Jewish, whatever.   I would like to meet you.

From Maria, now in college:

I came to the Table because it was a community of love. The conversations stimulated my mind and nourished my soul, and I grew into the interpretive seeker I am today. It was and still is a very personal experience for me to describe. 

I grew up in a loving, nourishing faith community... which provided the absolute necessity of space for me as an adolescent to feel welcomed - not pressured- into faith by experiencing love through kinship with others in a worship space....

I am a living and breathing example of the work of the church community- what energy is put in will enter a child/adolescent and go out into the world even if they don't return to church. I know this because I've known many peers through the Invitation and Table who I may not have seen later on in church, but whom I am certain were lifted up by the programming and have taken that energy out into the "real world" with them.